Hi there,


my name is Anna Lena Zimnol and in order to get to know me better I would like to present myself to you, today.


Biological-Technical Assistant

In 2017 I graduated as a biological-technical assistant (BTA). Since my grandfather, father and brother work in the scientific area, I decided to go in this direction as well. It was not just family tradition that brought me on this path. My interest in chemistry and biology was aroused in me in early age. I always questioned what happened, when, why, and asked myself about the exact processes at the molecular level. After some internships in many laboratories, I have found the company where I feel that I am in good hands.


Work at Spectral Service

I have been working at Spectral Service since 2017 and, among other things, I prepare samples for NMR analysis for our customers in the pharmaceutical industry according to GMP guidelines.


First aider

The subject of occupational safety is particularly close to my heart. Thus, in 2019 I was trained as an in-house first aider. As the next step I am training to become a safety advisor for Spectral Service. So, in the future I will take care of the safety in the company and the health of my colleagues.


Study in Molecular Biomedicine

Additionally, I am studying molecular biomedicine while working. The course means a lot to me, because I always enjoy further education and the theory of diseases at the molecular level and corresponding research on healing is of a huge interest for me.