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Winner of Nordic Lipidforum Young Scientist Award 2017

Two projects, we are working on were presented as “Analysis of Fatty Acid Isomerization by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy“ and „Alternative Determination of Peroxide Values in Marine and Edible Oils by NMR Spectroscopy“ by Elina Zailer who won the Nordic Lipidforum Young Scientist Award 2017. The development of innovative quality investigation methods is an aim which is pursued by Spectral Service…

Why Do We Blog Science?

Our blog contains a collection of analytic methods, developed by Spectral Service, as well as our latest news, current issues facing industry and society such as food scandals, congress and meeting dates, research projects and our service…

Silicones – Boon and Bane!

Can silicone migrate from primary packaging material or laboratory equipment into food and pharmaceutical products? …

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