We would like to present our chemical-technical assistant who is responsible for the extraction of milk products – Christina Kohlhaas


Hi, I’m Christina, a young, enthusiastic chemical-technical assistant at Spectral Service AG. Originally, I am from Wiesbaden, Germany, but my path led me over corners and edges right here.


I found my love of chemistry in school

I’ve always been very interested in the reactions behind the interesting things in everyday life. Be it citric acid and baking soda when baking cakes with your mother or chemical experiments at school being planned by our teachers. For example, a colorless liquid combined with a small piece of light metal that jumps over the surface and the addition of a few drops of an indicator results in a bright color. Of course, everyone knows this great experiment from school. As a child with a passion for chemistry, I loved this experiment! Later, when it became more difficult, I became even more interested in chemistry.

I prefer „practical“ chemistry

The theory covered the largest space and the “practical chemistry” found only a small time slot. And, after graduating from high school, I knew that I never want to sit just at my desk. I am too active for that. Hence, I started my training as a chemical technical assistant. The relevance of my practical work has become significantly higher and it was clear that I wish to work in a laboratory. Since I was always enthusiastic about Cologne, I knew that I wanted to move there after finishing my education and training. Thus, I looked for my first internship in an analytical laboratory in Cologne. Here, I found Spectral Service, a company which fits perfectly to me. The various analysis methods and samples as well as my colleagues made it very easy for me to find myself here.


Why I love to work at Spectral Service AG

Now, I actually work full-time at Spectral Service AG and I have found my place here: the microwave extraction. With the microwave extraction we digest milk and animal feed samples which is part of the sample preparation for the following NMR analysis. By receiving several training lessons, I am now the expert for the different microwave programs which are needed for the various samples. However, Spectral Service AG is a small company with 30-40 people, everyone has several tasks. Thus, besides the microwave, I am also responsible for the sample registration, and the mentoring of our trainees who are on their way to become technical assistants, like I was several years ago.

Mentor for our trainees

Based on their training in school the trainees exhibit some practical experience which allows them to support our project manager with their research. Spectral Service AG is very keen on developing new NMR methods solving analytical challenges, so that several ideas are waiting to being put into practice. Under supervision of the project manager, I support the trainees to be part of these extremely interesting projects where we develop new methods for e.g. peroxide determination in oil, quantitative analysis of divalent metal ions like Cd2+ and Hg2+, examination of water quality by 55Mn NMR as well as examination of berries. By working on these research projects trainees understand the entire process of a sample analysis: from the sample registration, over the preparation and analysis, up to the final report. In other word, this part of my work is very important to me because I like to share my knowledge and my love about chemistry. in conclusion, I think an internship is precisely this: to see what you want to do with your life.


I hope I could give a brief overview of myself and my work at Spectral Service.