NMR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for qualitative and quantitative analysis. Correct weighing is a key aspect for accurate and precise NMR analysis results. Since the process of weighing has a strong influence on qNMR results, there are different potential sources of error. If you want to learn about these and how to avoid them, you can join our seminar in cooperation with Mettler Toledo! Together we will discuss the topics of weighing and NMR analysis in the seminar with the title “Reproduzierbare und belastbare Wägeresultate sowie hochpräzise und quantitative NMR Resultate”.

For the three-day seminar in November, we invite you to our place at Spectral Service in Cologne! The seminar will include the topics weighing, the reproducibility, robustness and the potential errors of this process, and quantitative NMR, the complete analytical process from weighing to the results. Additionally a more detailed insight on the theoretical and practical part of the NMR analysis will be given.
We provide a practical training course for weighing and documentation under GMP. You can obtain a certificate for a weighing test under GMP!

You can register here at the website of Mettler Toledo or click on the register button below.

NMR & Weighing

23. – 25. November 2022

Spectral Service AG
Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 33
50996 Cologne