Independent, practical training and GMP Certificate included

Calibration of instruments is an essential part of everyday laboratory work. The requirement to perform a test is usually that the other device is more accurate by one decimal place. But how can we calibrate the weighing process? The focus is on the entire weighing process – the weighing result depends not only on the balance, but also on the laboratory environment and qualification of the laboratory personnel. Analytical weighing is performed between 5 and 50 mg. For weighing below 5 mg, higher demands are placed on the balance. NMR measurements are very accurate over a wider range, with a range of 100 µg to 100 mg being the norm for modern NMR instruments. NMR spectroscopy therefore fulfils the requirement of checking a balance – and in addition – the complete weighing process including personal weighing-in skills can be checked.

How is this supposed to work?
We send you two reference substances A and B with known content. Each employee weighs 10-30 mg of each reference substance (A and B) in a G4 vial as a 6-fold determination. You send the G4 vials back to us. The returned samples will be analyzed and determined by an automated qNMR routine. The automated program ensures that the result is independent of the qNMR skills of the analyst by mean integration values of several integrals. Beside this, quality of the phase and baseline correction is checked by the visual output of the program. The standard deviation of the 6-fold determination is the measure of the qualification of the weighing process or of the participant. The ratio of the proton signals from two analytes reflects the exact ratio of the initial weights of those two analytes – and thus provides information about the accuracy of the weighing process. The weighing competence of the laboratory staff based on the RSD of the 6-fold determination.

What is included in the test kit?
The full package (price on request) contains sufficient material of the reference substances A and B, G4 vials, return label, automatic qNMR determination and the certificate according to GMP standard (QA review included). You can use the certificate as a proof for a practical training, e.g. for audits.

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