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Who is my contact at Spectral Service AG for phospholipid analyses?

Please send your phospholipid related e-mails to the following e-mail address: phospholipid@spectralservice.de. The responsible study directors in our phospholipid department will answer your request as soon as possible.


If you have questions or requests concerning the financial part of your order (e.g. invoices, bank details, company organization, etc.) or additional analyses, you can also contact our secretary’s office (info@spectralservice.de).

Which phospholipids can be determined within the analysis?

Our routine PL analysis is a multi-component analysis. It covers the quantification of the following phospholipids:

Abbreviation Phospholipid
PC Phosphatidylcholine
LPC Lyso-Phosphatidylcholine
PI Phosphatidylinositol
LPI Lyso-Phosphatidylinositol
PS-Na Phosphatidylserine Sodium
LPS Lyso-Phosphatidylserine
SPH Sphingomyelin
PE Phosphatidylethanolamine
LPE Lyso-Phosphatidylethanolamine
APE N-Acyl-Phosphatidylethanolamine
PG Phosphatidylglycerol
DPG Diphosphatidylglycerol
PA Phosphatidic acid
LPA Lyso-Phosphatidic acid

Other potential but unidentified phospholipids can be detected and are quantified as sum. As a result, we can offer you a total phospholipid content in your sample.

Which matrices are possible for a phospholipid analysis?

We perform the analysis routinely on the following matrices (just to give you some examples):

  • Lecithin samples (e.g. soy lecithin, sunflower lecithin, rapeseed lecithin, hydrogenated lecithin, hydrolyzed lecithin, lyso-lecithin, soy beans, etc.)
  • Lecithin residues in edible oils
  • Capsulated materials
  • Marine source (e.g. fish oil, krill oil, fish meal, sea food)
  • Egg samples
  • Milk samples (e.g. infant nutrition, liquid milk, creams, chocolate, cheese)
  • PS enriched samples
  • Dispersions, emulsions, liposomal formulations
  • Algae samples
  • ….

We can perform the phospholipid analysis on nearly every matrix. If you have special samples, that are not listed in the table, please contact us via email (phospholipid@spectralservice.de).

How much sample is required?

Matrix Approx. sample amount
Soy/sunflower lecithins (powder or syrup), Krill oil samples, PS samples, egg samples 5 g
Milk samples (powder), infant nutrition, fish feed, fish meal 10 g
Milk samples (liquid) 100 mL
Lecithin Residues in Edible Oils
20 g
Capsules/ Gummy bears 10 pieces
Liposomal dispersions 10 g

 If you have special samples, that are not listed, please contact us per email (phospholipid@spectralservice.de).

What is the turnaround time?

The turnaround times are dependent on matrix and daily sample volume at Spectral Service. Regularly, the results will be available within 3-6 working days, but we do not guarantee this. If you need the turnaround time for a specific order, please contact us via email (phospholipid@spectralservice.de).

Is there an urgent service / express fee?

We do not offer urgent services. Thus, there is no express fee you need to consider. But if you need some analyses prioritized, please let us know. Please notice that in these cases Spectral Service will then prioritize your order/sample, but cannot guarantee the results faster than the ‘regular’ tunraround time.

What are the costs for the phospholipid analysis?

Costs are available upon request. Please contact us via email (phospholipid@spectralservice.de).

How to declare the samples for shipment (from outside the EU)?

If you send us samples of animal origin they are subject to examination by the veterinary authorities at the border control referring to European Commission Decision 2007/275/EC. Please note, the veterinary border inspection causes costs. We will forward these costs to our customer.

  • If you declare Ø  Value not more than 20 US$ / EUR –> no further taxes (reason: You send us samples, no goods, which have specific values)
  • If you declare Ø Value higher than 20 US$ / EUR –> additional costs of import taxes


Sample sending (animal origin):

To ensure a fast process please consider the following information about sample declaration:


Matrix Declare as Customs tariff number Hazard information Purpose
Krill oil Sample of Krill oil 1504 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only
Fish oil Sample of fish oil 1504 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only
Fish feed Sample of fish feed 1504 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only
Milk Sample of milk product 0402 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only
Egg yolk Sample of egg yolk 0408 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only


*Attention:     – Fish feed samples and milk samples require an additional document declaring the heat treatment!


Sample sending (botanial source):

To ensure a fast process please consider the following information about sample declaration:


Matrix Declare as Customs tariff number Hazard information Purpose
Lecithin Sample of lecithin 2923200 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only
Algae Sample of algae 12122100 Nonhazardous samples Analytical use only

Please send samples from different sources in separate packages – each with individual declaration & customs tariff number!

How to complete the required order form?

Please download the order form by clicking on this link. If you need any support how to complete the order form, please click here to receive a document with explanations. We would prefer that you send us the order form together with your samples, but you can also send the document to us via email.

Where am I sending the samples to?

Spectral Service AG

Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 33

50996 Cologne



A contact person is not mandatory.


Are analyses according to GMP also possible for phospholipids?

Yes, it is. If you need some analyses according to GMP, please do not hesitate to contact us (info@spectralservice.de). We will get back to you with all necessary information as soon as possible.

Is your laboratory accredited?

Spectral Service AG is a GMP and GLP certified laboratory, and we are FDA approved. The 31P NMR method (for phospholipid analyses) is developed in our laboratory and has been accepted as the official USP method for krill oil. The phospholipid method is validated for many matrices. Our certificates can be downloaded from our homepage. However, we are not accredited.

How long does Spectral Service keep the phospholipid samples?

We retain Phospholipid samples max. 4-5 working weeks after sending out the results, afterwards the samples are disposed of. If you wish, that we should keep the samples longer, please do not hesitate to contact us (phospholipid@spectralservice.de).

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