How to send samples with animal origin?!

26. Jan 2018

Since Spectral Service has several valid import licenses, we are allowed to analyze samples with animal origin. However, these samples have to pass the veterinary border inspection, based on the European Commission Decision 2007/275/EC.


To simplify and accelerate the sending process of samples with animal origin such as krill oil or milk products, a clear and correct declaration at the proforma invoice of the courier is helpful. If the declaration is not correct or not available, a veterinary inspection will not be carried out, thus we will be forced to return the samples to the border control. Could you imagine how much time we loss until the samples are released by authority? Now, you are thinking about how to overcome this problem and how to declare your samples correctly? No problem, here are some examples:



Furthermore, it is helpful to declare, that your samples are only for analytical use and nonhazardous. If your samples are hazardous, please declare it!


To avoid unpleasant surprises, please keep in mind that for samples which are valued > 20 USD you have to pay additional import tax fees.


You are planning to send us some samples of animal origin, but some questions remained? Please contact us (!


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