Hello, my name is Clemens Graf. I recently started working in a one-year trainee program at Spectral Service to become a study director. I was born in Augsburg, Germany. However, I was always passionate about other countries and their culture. Therefore, it is not surprising that I studied in Scotland. Since 2019 I hold a Bachelor in Forensic and Analytical Science from the Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, which is located on the east coast of Scotland. During my studies, I worked as a golf trainer and in my free time, I enjoyed and still do enjoy climbing, drawing and skating.


Chemistry and NMR Spectroscopy

It was approximately four years ago, when I started to develop a strong interest in chemistry as I wondered what the substances in medications are, how they are produced and how they work. Therefore, I developed a special interest in synthetic-organic/pharmaceutical chemistry and analytical chemistry. This interest led to me working on a bachelor’s project about the synthesis of vanillin derivatives and the respective analysis with 1H-NMR analysis and mass spectrometry. This is where I found my love for NMR spectroscopy. I admired how the evaluation of NMR spectra felt like a fun little riddle, instead of actual work. Obviously, I tried to get a deeper understanding of the NMR spectroscopy, and when I found out about the seemingly endless possibilities the method offers, I admired it even more. At that point, it was apparent to me that I will aspire for a career in the field of NMR spectroscopy.


Trainee @ Spectral Service

It didn’t take long before I stumbled across Spectral Service, a worldwide pioneer regarding NMR spectroscopy. I applied for a job straight away and fortunately, they offered me the position as a study director trainee for one year. I started my position on the 1st of October 2020 and I already learned plenty new things regarding laboratory workflow and routine, the various possibilities of NMR analysis, the respective methods, the correct handling of the devices and, probably the most important thing; the proper documentation according to GMP standards. During my time at Spectral Service, I get to know the process from the sample registration, over the preparation and analysis, up to the final report. I am proud to state that I already assisted the identity determination and the quantification of several different samples in several different matrices, for example, aloe vera, milk, CBD, food supplements, krill, algae, and pharmaceuticals. I was also given the opportunity to observe the analysis of cytostatic drugs.

I am delighted to be part of Spectral Service and I am looking forward to the challenges the company has to offer for me in the upcoming year.