Dear Customer,

We follow the developments around the corona virus very closely. Therefore, we would like to inform you about our measures in this special situation. So far, there has been no case of COVID-19 in our workforce. Consequently, we are able to process your orders in the usual high quality and as quickly as the situation allows. As a GMP laboratory we see ourselves as an important link in the chain of basic pharmaceutical care.

Our precations for protection

We have taken active precautions to protect the health of our employees while ensuring that your orders are processed.

  1. Our already high hygiene standards are upgraded to an even higher level.
  2. We work in changing working groups on site and in home office (so we remain extensively available for you).
  3. Business trips were canceled until further notice.

Health, safety and service as our top priority

Our top priority is to continue to offer you excellent service while ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the people around us at all times. We will do everything in our power to accomplish this, and we are confident that we can master this challenge well – for our customers and for us.

Disinfectants – one of the most important products

Especially now, we support manufacturers of disinfectants and pharmacists with the quality control of their disinfectant products by using NMR spectrosocopy. With NMR spectroscopy we identify the ingredients and determine quantitatively their content. Comparing the labelling with the NMR results gives a statement about the quality of the disinfectant.

We support you in the chemical analysis

The contract laboratory you usually work with is closed because of COVID-19? Or do you produce at the moment so much that you cannot handle the quality control of your products by yourself? Contact us and we support you in the chemical analysis of your products!

We wish you all the best and hope that you, your families and your employees get through this difficult time well.

Best wishes,

the Spectral Service Team