After giving lectures in „Advanced Analytical Methods“ and several selective subjects for more than six years, Dr. Bernd Diehl received from the Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (HBRS) the title of a honorary professor. For the honorary professorship special performances are required which have been demonstrated by Dr. Bernd Diehl within his 30-years of experience in the chemical industry at Bayer and since 1990 at Spectral Service AG. As CEO of Spectral Service AG and as a representative of several scientific groups, he supports the NMR spectroscopy in the best possible way with the innovation power, technology and ideas, thus he influences the dynamics in the analytical market. Here, Spectral Service is internationally interconnected with other industrial laboratories, authorities and education.

Fig.: Dr. Bernd Diehl (left) received his certificate of appointment as honorary professor from HBRS president Prof. Dr. Hartmut Ihne (right); picture by HBRS

 In the last few years Dr. Bernd Diehl developed and published more than 50 NMR methods for analyzing food products, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In the last years, he has supported in total eight degree theses at HBRS and Spectral Service AG. For the future, several research projects in cooperation with the HBRS are planned.