PANIC (Practical Applications of NMR in Industry Conference) 2018 and the 4th Annual Validation Workshop is a five-day event (March 4-8, 2018) in La Jolla, California, where we have the opportunity to network with peers and other industry leaders. A borad variety of topics will be presented and discussed such as Forensics, Data Processing and Analysis Tools, Polymers, Pharmaceuticals, Structure Elucidation/Complex Mixtures, Petroleum and Petrochemistry, Food and Agriculture, Plant Production/Problem Solving, Solids/DNP, and Low-Field/Benchtop. Within the PANIC Dr. Bernd Diehl will present „Steelyard Method – an innovative ab initio quantification„.


Furthermore, we are working together with the validation working group to develop a framework for an adoption of quantitative NMR as a validated, official method. We will present „Quality Improvement in qNMR Spectroscopy“ by Elina Zailer and „Meeting the requirements of FDA, ISO, GxP“ by Dr. Bernd Diehl. Check out the new Validation Workshop website and the NMR Wiki.