End of January 2020, the first person in Germany was tested positive on COVID-19. Since March 2020 Germany has been extremely influenced by the new virus: schools, restaurants, shops and various businesses have been closed, people have started to work remotely, and all social and scientific events have been cancelled. We from Spectral Service have immediately increase our safety rules:

  1. Our already high hygiene standards are upgraded to an even higher level.
  2. We are working on site and also from home to perform the analysis for all our customers.
  3. Protection masks are worn by all employees (Fig. 1).
  4. The office rooms are low occupied to offer enough space for each person (Fig. 2).
  5. Business trips were cancelled until further notice.

Our priority is to continue to offer high quality NMR analysis under GMP/GLP during COVID-19 while ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the people around us at all times.

Fig. 1  Spectral Service is providing masks for the employees

Fig. 2  The room size is labelled on the respective room signs

New Opportunities

But there are also opportunities, and many companies in the chemical industry help or donate for required goods, such as disinfectant and vaccines. We from Spectral Service try to stay positive and we want to see these opportunities. For the chemical branch, the requirements increase and change in a very short time, and so we should become even more flexible and faster. These times show us how important flexibility is, but also how dependent we are on pharmaceutical and chemical products. Thus, we want to support you in the high quality NMR analysis under GMP/GLP during COVID-19, especially of your products!

Fig. 3  Many study directors are working from home. New processes make it possible!

We support our established and new customers

Your contract laboratory is still closed or cannot perform the service which is required? Do you need an alternative laboratory which can perform quality analysis of your samples? During the COVID-19 pandemic we have supported our established and new customers: numerous companies, manufacturer and laboratories by analyzing their products. Spectral Service, celebrating its 30th anniversary, is GLP and GMP certified and FDA approved. Based on our long-standing knowledge and experience we offer you our service in the quality control of pharmaceutical and food products, cosmetics, chemicals and pesticides. Take the chance and Contact us now! We support you in the chemical analysis of your products!

Fig. 4 Our team is supporting you!

New NMR AVANCE NEO instrument in autumn 2020!

We are pleased to inform you that we will install a new NMR Avance Neo 600 MHz TCI cryo instrument in autumn 2020! With our new spectrometer we can offer an even better and faster analysis of bigger molecules such as peptides, polysaccharides, and vaccines. Contact us to belong to the first customers whose products will be examined by the brand-new NEO 600 MHz TCI cryo instrument!



We wish you all the best and stay healthy!