Nil Desperandum

From June 19th through June 23rd Spectral Service went on a sailing trip with the theme: Let us all pull together. As employees of one company we are all in the same boat which was in this case a three-master called Nil Desperandum. It is not possible for a single person to sail this boat alone. To be successfull it needs a team which is why such a trip is a great team building exercise.

Sunset – View from the deck of the Nil Desperandum

Deck of the Nil Desperandum

The Sailing trip started in Harlingen (NL). We had great weather and lucky for us there was a fair so we had the opportunity to enjoy a nice evening with good food before setting the sails. On Thursday morning we started our journey. After a fun filled day on the open water with enough wind and sunshine we arrived in Stavoren. As we were early enough we had the chance to walk along the beaches and to wander around the nice city before heading back to the boat for a delicious dinner. 

Stavoren – Walk along the coast

 On the next day the wind took us from Stavoren to Medemblik. Here we had the chance to go swimming and to discover a beautiful town and the castle Radboud.

Castle Radboud

 While all of us gathered on deck to enjoy the last sunbeams some of us prepared dinner. The crew was pretty impressed with the homemade pizza. On Saturday we sailed from Medemblik to Workum. The wind was strong and the hoisting of the sails gave us the chance to prove how good we work together as a team. We reached Workum early in the afternoon and after a nice walk through the city we had just enough time to find a good spot to wait for Maarten van der Weijden a Dutch long distance swimmer. He was swimming the 195 km long Eleven City Swimming Tour and Workum was the sixth city on his journey.While some of us where cheering for him others were preparing the last dinner during this trip. The pasta included mint and bacon which is definitely not a safe choice for that many people but after the dinner everyone was glad they took the risk. On the last day the wind took us from Workum back to Harlingen where we had to say goodbye to a great experience and an amazing time. 

View along the coast of Stavoren

 At the end everyone got to know there colleagues better and the trip helped us to get a better understanding of every single member of this crew. Despite little challenges everyone was proud to be part of the team and therefore part of Spectral Service.