How can be determine the quality of fats and oils?

Since mankind have produced oil the importance of oils, fats and lipids increased concerning quality and authenticity – a topic which cannot be hotter than today.  Numerous events make all this grotesquely clear.  The last few years have been packed with accusations of fraud, adulteration, subterfuge, and mystery. Tunisian and Turkish oil were sold as high-qualitative Tuscan oil, low-cost hazelnut oil was added to expensive olive oil to increase the value, refined oil to native oil. However, how can we distinguish between high- and low-quality oil? How can we identify adulterations optimally? Our answer of this question is NMR spectroscopy.


Euro Fed Lipid Congress (August 27-30, 2017)

A congress which is engaged especially with this subject is the Euro Fed Lipid Congress, a federation of 13 scientific associations dealing with Lipids, Fats and Oils. This year the 15th Euro Fed Lipid Congress is hosted from August 27-30, 2017 by the Nordic Lipidforum, formally founded in 1969 in Sweden. The action takes place in Uppsala, Sweden, a beautiful city characterized by its charm, magnificent architecture, famous scientists and, of course, its students. Our venue, Uppsala Concert & Congress (UKK), is located within short walking distance from the city center. The theme of this year’s Euro Fed Lipid Congress in Uppsala reflects the great importance of oils, fats and lipids of animal and non-animal origin for a healthy human life and care. This year a spotlight was put on lipids in formulation of pharma and cosmetics, in novel foods, and lipid soluble contaminants.


Nordic Lipidforum Young Scientist Award 2017

Two projects, we are working on were presented as “Analysis of Fatty Acid Isomerization by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy“ and „Alternative Determination of Peroxide Values in Marine and Edible Oils by NMR Spectroscopy“ by Elina Zailer who won the Nordic Lipidforum Young Scientist Award 2017 for her research project “Analysis of Fatty Acid Isomerization by Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy“. The development of innovative quality investigation methods is an aim which is pursued by Spectral Service.