Your Independent Contract Laboratory for Spectroscopy

Spectral Service is the world’s leading NMR company.

We are an independent contract laboratory, specialized on NMR spectroscopy completing our portfolio by chromatography and mass spectrometry. We offer comprehensive services and employ the most modern techniques for helping our customers to solve their analytical problems. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with our partners to exchange know-how to improve our methods as well as our service quality and ability to respond to clients’ needs.

Service Portfolio

  • Analysis under GMP, GLP and non-GxP
  • Quantitative NMR Spectroscopy
  • Structure elucidation by NMR, LC-MS and GC-MS
  • Pharmaceutical analysis
  • Foodanalysis
  • Cosmetics analysis
  • Method development and validation
  • 5-batch analysis for standardized testing and approval procedures
  • Pesticide analysis
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Steelyard Analytics Inc. is our new affiliated company in the United States.

In 2017, we have founded Steelyard Analytics Inc. as an independent contract laboratory, specialized on NMR spectroscopy in order to better serve our North and South American customers. By using the most modern NMR spectrometer analytical challenges are now solved also in Gaithersburg!



Steelyard Analytics’ Offerings

  • Structure elucidation by using NMR
  • Quantitative NMR spectroscopy
  • Testing of food products
  • Testing of costmetics
  • Method development and validation

Spectral Service @ qNMR Summit 2020

Spectral Service will participate in the qNMR Summit 2020 (March 25-26, 2020) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain hosted by Mestrelab. Prof. Dr. Bernd Diehl and Elina Hafer would be very glad to meet you there to discuss topics about (q) NMR spectroscopy, new methods and...

13C NMR analysis of peptides and amino acids

Amino acids, peptides and proteins can be analyzed by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy after hydrolysis with DCl. After the acid hydrolysis, amino acids exist in their free form which can be analyzed by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy…

Teambuilding 2019

From June 19th through June 23rd Spectral Service went on a sailing trip with the theme: Let us all pull together. As employees of one company we are all in the same boat which was in this case a three-master called Nil Desperandum. It is not possible for a single...