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We offer a wide range of NMR spectroscopic analyses in the fields of food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics to solve your challenges, providing a competent and complete service from A to Z: starting with a study plan, going through the sample preparation and finalizing the analysis with a report. Of course, our complete package of service includes consulting, development, validation and routine analysis customised for your product with a quality that fulfills your requirements at the highest level. Take a look at our already existing method selection.


Today Spectral Service with its quarter of a century longstanding experience and competence is a reliable partner for all questions of pharmaceutical industry and offers several control analysis for pharmaceutical manufacturing including method development, validation, transfer and examination according to pharmacopoeial method. To increase the quality and safety of your products we use (quantitative) NMR spectroscopy to perform structure elucidation and provinience testing, and to examine qualitatively and quantitatively the purity of the active ingredient, natural products, by-products, restricted substances and residual solvents. As a GMP-certified and FDA registered laboratory we support your development from the idea up to final release by providing our analytical services and long-standing experience.


NMR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the examination of food ingredients, for provience testing and quality evaluation. We develop continuously new methods with the objective of supporting customers to deal with current as well as future problems and provide them with individual solutions. Thanks to unique NMR spectroscopy, the product quality can be determined by simultaneous analysis of several groups of substances. Thus, blends and adulterations in the case of e.g. oils and aloe vera are detected. As the developer of the method and the market leader in phospholipid analysis we analyze lecithins of various origins (e.g. soy lecithin), vegetable and marine oils (e.g. krill oil), milk products (e.g. infant nutrition) and further products by using quantitative 31P NMR spectroscopy.


Through the constant increase of quality requirements of cosmetic products, the need for quality control is raining as well. As one of the leading independent and privately-owned specialist in contractual NMR analytics in the area of cosmetical analysis we work in line with the relevant legal requirements and customer specified regulations. Prominent cosmetics manufacturers rely on years of our experience and expertise and entrust us with their innovative products such as cremes, sprays, nail polish, lipsticks, perfumes and pastes to analyze qualitatively and quantitativey raw material, emulsifiers, essential and fatty oils, colorants and preservatives.
Bernd Diehl – first George Hanna qNMR Award Winner

Bernd Diehl – first George Hanna qNMR Award Winner

First George Hanna qNMR Award The first George Hanna qNMR Award, which is named in the honor of the late George M. Hanna, Ph.D., was presented on October 5, 2021, during the 6th International qNMR Summit organized by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). The George...

Vaccine – Quality Control by NMR Spectroscopy

Vaccine – Quality Control by NMR Spectroscopy

NMR spectroscopy is a powerful tool for the quality control of vaccines based on mRNA and peptides under GMP!Challenges of the current situation The worldwide efforts to address the global COVID-19 pandemic led to numerous projects of scientific research, clinical...


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