In 2023, the team of Spectral Service AG hoisted the sails again – the excursion from June 7th to June 11th on the three master “Nil Desperandum” is the event highlight of the Spectral Service year.

„We couldn’t have done that with any sailing crew”. This sentence from our skipper refers to the cover picture and the fact that we hoisted eight sails with about 800 sqm. Normal are three to six sails. The Spectral Service Team can be relied upon in any situation – our longstanding customers are certainly already aware of this – the Nil Desperandum now too.

Sailing route 2023

T The sailing trip started on Wednesday in Harlingen. On the first evening, the team was directly tested. Not with the cabin occupancy or the loading of the ship – no, the problem was the dinner. It seemed that no restaurant was open anymore, but at the end, we luckily found one open fast-food restaurant. So, we were able to start our first sailing day on Thursday strengthened.

Evening atmosphere on deck

E For the trip from Harlingen to Terschelling we had good sailing weather, and everyone could either refresh their sailing skills or learn them. Thus, already on the first day of sailing, the agenda was to work together, pull together, make a difference with united forces. Consideration was given to those who were less seaworthy in the strong wind.


A On Friday morning we started quite early. On the second day of sailing, we were already well coordinated, and everything went much faster than on the first day of sailing. The relaxed atmosphere made it easy to talk to colleagues with whom one might not have much contact due to home office and/or work structures. And of course, on such a large ship there is always time to retreat, enjoy the open sea, the fresh air and sun. We arrived in Vlieland around noon and had the opportunity to explore the beautiful island in small groups. Towards evening, some Spectrals got together to play below deck and played and laughed until late into night.


Vlieland – excursion in small groups


M On the way from Vlieland to Enkhuizen on Saturday the cover picture with the seven sails was taken by a passing ship. As it is often the case, it is only with a little distance that one realizes what we have achieved as a team. We arrived in Enkhuizen around evening after a wonderful day of sailing. A few crew members left us in the evening and the next morning in Enkhuizen, so we went back to Harlingen with a smaller crew on the last day, unfortunately only motorized due to the wind have a Sunday break, but with a lot of sun and fun. And then the four-day break was already over.


  • New employees can connect faster
  • Colleagues got to know from the private side
  • A team event highlight that has no equal

Now we can start the second half of the year with fully charged batteries, with wind and solar energy, for our customers.

It was an unforgettable team event – we say thank you and look forward to the next sailing trip in 2024