Spectral Service AG is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Unfortunately, in the current situation we cannot celebrate in a big way. These are strange, memorable times and it is difficult to celebrate. We prefer to cheer helpers, nurses, doctors, all the people who help weak and ill people, and who are systemically important.

Everyone has a contribution

In these times it matters what contribution a person or a company makes – for the community, for sustainability, for the protection of people and the climate, the systemic relevance. And that’s good.


So we reflect

We have been an employer for 30 years, now for 40 people. Many of them have been working with us for over 20 years. For them and for their families, these years were and are formative. We are proud to know that we have been able to support these people and their families with income and financial stability over the years.


We trained a lot of young people, gave them a platform to learn, to try, to grow and also to fail.

What makes Spectral Service so special?

We are a successful, service company which is strongly in demand. The questions is “Why? What makes us so special?”


  1. Our product: NMR spectroscopy, a unique selling point that can be applied to all aspects of the analysis of chemical substances.
  2. The direct and personal customer-employee relationship. This individual and professional support determines our understanding of service and is the cornerstone of our success.

Our goals  for the future

Sustainability: yes! We continue to invest in knowledge transfer, training young people to enable them to think independently, to break from the traditions, to think outside the box and to continue to solve our customers‘ problems analytically.


Alternative energies: We strive for self-sufficient power supply by expanding our capacities to generate solar energy, the goal is 100%.


System relevance: hopefully! Clearly: We work on behalf of our customers. Their analytical questions need to be clarified to the best of our knowledge, regardless of the exploitation of the results. We offer education, enable understanding and knowledge.


Meaningful and valuable: For our customers and our employees, the result of our analytical service should always be meaningful and satisfactory.


Durability in short-lived time: A strong community in crisis, as it is now showing.


Core (resonance) competence!

Kern (Resonanz) Kompetenz!