Getting the instrument up and running

As one would expect a complex instrument like a NEO NMR spectrometer is not being set up in no time. But rather takes a lot of planning ahead and milestones to pass. For most people at Spectral Service this project, being on its way for quite some time, became real and visible when the first shipment of instrument parts rolled through the door in mid-October. Step by step the single boxes were unpacked, and the content moved into the designated room for the new instrument. For sure during the whole assembling process everything was handle very carefully. As you don´t want to drop such an expensive machine before it even started. Soon enough the instrument was ready to be tested in late 2020 [Fig 1].

Fig. 1: Process of setting up the brand new NEO NMR instrument.

Not only a new magnet but a nice ensemble

One does not simply buy a new magnet without thinking of the surrounding and supporting parts of the whole NMR instrument. For starters, the NMR NEO console is the next generation of the Avance product line and optimized in multi-channel operation. The added SampleJet enables a simple tube holding without spinner turbines. It shines in quicker exchange of samples during routine workflow. But the most prominent part of our new instrument is by far the TCI CryoProbe [Fig 2]. The inverse construction of the TCI probe implies optimization on 1H and 13C observation. It also features three channels for simultaneous decoupling on multiple nuclei. This design can and will be extensively used for NMR structure determination of biomolecules [Fig 3].

Fig. 2: TCI CryoProbe                                         Fig. 3: Structure of biomolecule

Reaching out to new possibilities and new fields

Those of you who follow the path of Spectral Service already know that this is now the fourth NMR spectrometer to be working with. This not only enables a higher volume of samples to be analyzed at the same time. But also complements the portfolio we have to offer for customers. Here is why: Due to its proton-optimized manner including a threefold increased sensitivity the NEO NMR instrument enables analytical work on a variety of complex molecules, like peptides, mRNA and others. This opens up new possibilities, especially during the current situation with a variety of vaccines being developed, tested and aiming for release [Fig 4]. With the new instrument being set up, Spectral Service is ready and more than keen on helping your analytical request, including GMP compliant work in that area. Contact us to learn more about the NEO instrument and discuss analytical problems we hope to help you with.

Fig. 4: We can analyze your peptide or vaccine samples at Spectral Service.