The famous quote from Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Daß ich erkenne, was die Welt
Im Innersten zusammenhält

might describe best the unsatiable seek for knowledge, the wish to understand more and yet, from the same tragedy also somehow the insight that one can never fully understand.

My strong admiration of Paul Ehrlich along with the hunger for knowledge and the wish to promote and contribute to science were the main drives that led me to pursue my studies in Biochemistry at the University of Kiel in 2006. In 2010 I completed my diploma thesis and started my Ph.D thesis at the University of Düsseldorf where I focused on autoimmune disease and cancer related research. In 2014 I finished my thesis, and as is common in science found more questions than answers.

I decided to look for new horizons, to expand my view, and gain more insight by entering the chemical analysis industry and worked as a project manager for IT and later taking over the management at the Eurofins Umwelt Nord GmbH in Hamburg which is the largest site for the company. In 2018 I switched to Aneco Institut für Umweltschutz GmbH & Co in Mönchengladbach which was purchased by and had to be integrated into the Eurofins group. I started as the integrations manager and took over the laboratory and management of, again, the largest site of the company. In 2020 I became Managing Director of and was fully responsible for Aneco. I decided to leave Aneco after some changes in the top management of the Eurofins group, having the desire to get back from pure management into a hybrid of science and business which I now have in my new position at Spectral.

I wanted to search for more insights and felt a fresh opportunity would allow me to do so. I like to question and find it important to have a view of everything from all sides. I do this until I have the impression of the thing I am investigating. If I have the feeling that there is something which hasn’t been challenged sufficiently yet, I try to identify “the quintessence of the cur” and pursue to grasp it. I always go as deep as it is needed to really comprehend, not only at the scientific bench, but also in discussions, and by collaborating with others. Spectral Service offered me this opportunity and is allowing me to focus with all my strengths in the position of Managing Director of the company.

I am in this fortunate position, and I am looking forward to dedicating myself to my new tasks at Spectral Service. I want to understand the processes of the company deeply and challenge them. The journey into the world of NMR spectroscopic analysis is very exciting and I am eager to find solutions and collaborate with our client.