With enthusiasm and creativity in research and with a critical eye on our own quality we are moving with the times.

In the years 2017/2018 we already invested with consistency in new balances of the XPE series from Mettler Toledo and in our building structure. This marks the launch of the automatic NMR laboratory.

Our routine and research samples are processed quickly, accurately, and at any time comprehensibly, and in accordance with certified quality criteria and defined standards in every single step with a maximum of flexiblility.

In the future, we will simplify these demanding requirements with the help of digitalization and automation. The digitization itself helps us to upgrade our workflows, project control and quality assurance.

From sample receipt to the finished certificate/test report, this topic will accompany us in an “on going process” over the next few years. Therefore, we will continuously integrate the technologies of the future step by step.

By implementing these automatic process we will improve our quality and reproducibility which must be very detailed for our requirements.

For these reasons and for a sustainable use of experimental data and results, it is inevitable to setup a very good data network, an automatic document control and a digital library of NMR data.

„The future of yesterday is the past of tomorrow“