During the last decades, the cannabis policy had changed in the US and in Europe. Several US states have made cannabis legal, and since the amendment of the German Narcotics Act in 2017 cannabis products can be prescribed by doctors. Thus, cannabis becomes legally more accessible leading to a great demand of a quality control of cannabis and cannabinoid-containing products. To respond the request we create the project “Quality and provenience testing of Cannabis and cannabinoid containing products”. We will develop a chemical quality control of cannabis and other cannabinoid containing products such as pharmaceuticals by nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy.


As a start we from Spectral Service organize the very first full-day “NMR Cannabis Meeting” on November, 09 2018 at Spectral Service AG, Emil-Hoffmann-Str. 33, 50996 Cologne, Germany. The meeting will cover current legal situations in different countries, analytical testing, already existing research results and the steps of the project “Quality and provenience testing of Cannabis and cannabinoid-containing products”. The meeting is focused on the analytical quality control of cannabis as a medical product. The “NMR Cannabis Meeting” pulls cannabis industry experts, authorities, research scientists, testing laboratories and medical practitioners together. We as researchers have the duty to be prepared to analyze the quality of new medical products which (might) come onto the market, and thus to ensure consumer safety.



To determine the authenticity and provenience we will create a database by combined target- and non-target-analysis data. With this database we can distinguish between “legal GMP-compliant” and “illegal” cannabis. In addition, countries or territories, where the plants have been grown, can be localized.  In-process products and final products will be examined with regard to their composition, cannabinoid content and contaminations.

Come and join us in Cologne, for a meeting with exciting presentations and discussions. Cooperation with partners and sponsors are welcome. We are looking forward to meeting you!


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