Get in touch on Analytica Munich 2018


In 2018 Spectral Service AG will be one of more than 1000 exhibitors during the analytica in Munich and celebrate its 50th Anniversary of international leading fair for lab technology, analytics and biotechnology.
It is the world-biggest branch meeting and the international leading fair in which we will participate actively.

Every 2 years the analytica takes place in Europe and already in 2016 it registered, according to own information, 1244 exhibitors with 44 percent of foreign portion from 40 countries. Now more than 830 companies from 38 countries, among them international market leaders, have already been announced to participate at this world fair.
With our own exhibition stand and our presentation we would like to introduce our service, our passion and our strength on international terrain and are ready for your suggestions and ideas.


With NMR Spectroscopy 100 NMR Experiments in Home and Kitchen we would like to show you the big range of interesting possibilities of NMR spectroscopy to answer questions such as:

Is our coffee an Arabica coffee and not an Arabica / Robusta mixture?
Is our sugar from sugarcane or sugar beets?
How is our milk composed, high-fat or low-fat, fresh or heated up milk, or even free of lactose?
What is the quality of our favorite wine and how high is our blood alcohol level after consume?
Can silicone from the packaging material pass into your product?
What are the components of our candle – palm oil, Stearin or beeswax?
How much Glycerin, Triglyceride, Silicone, Ethanol and Polyethylene glycol (PEG) can be found in skin cream and shower gel?
Which part of the Aloe Vera Plant was used in our cosmetics – only the inner gel or the whole leaf?
How much fluoride is in our toothpaste?
Is the pharmaceutical product pure and is it reacting on varying conditions like pH factor, air humidity, storage or temperature?
Is there a contamination and if so what is this?

We can help you answer these questions and more.

You can find us in Hall A1, Booth 211B