Recap of the first NMR Cannabis Meeting

Jan, 2 2019

Cologne, November 09, 2018 – The very first NMR Cannabis Meeting has become an outstanding success with 25 participations from Germany, the United States and the UK. The organizers and the participants have discussed the current legal and scientific position of cannabis, THC and CBD products since more and more countries have already legalized cannabis for medical purposes and even for recreational use. Thus, the meeting was focused on the analytical quality control of cannabis as a medical product regarding to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GDP (Good Distribution Practice). One of the most powerful techniques for the quality analysis including composition, cannabinoid content and contamination is the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy which can be easily adopted to several different kinds of products: resin, oil, Marihuana, or even THC in shampoo, lotions, balm or toothpaste. For the product range, the sky is the limit as far as imagination and technical progress go. To protect the consumers, the scientific experts are working on methods to determine the quality of all these different products. A NMR Cannabis Meeting in the year 2019 is planned!


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Elina Zailer

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