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Clemens Graf – Meet Our Very First Study Director Trainee

Clemens Graf – Meet Our Very First Study Director Trainee

Hello, my name is Clemens Graf. I recently started working in a one-year trainee program at Spectral Service to become a study director. I was born in Augsburg, Germany. However, I was always passionate about other countries and their culture. Therefore, it is not...

Spectral Service will offer remote audits soon!

Spectral Service will offer remote audits soon!

COVID-19 pandemic influences our way of working The current COVID-19 pandemic has forced almost all companies to change their way of working, also ours. On the one hand we have a social responsibility towards our employees to protect their health, and on the other...

1H-NMR multiple component analysis: Coconut Water

Just one method to detect all coconut ingredients? It is possible, by using 1H NMR spectroscopy! Organic acids, amino acids, sugars and several other characteristic components within a sample which is prepared only once!…

Meet Spectral Service at „Innovations in Food Analytics“

Innovations in Food Analytics (19-21 September 2018, in Erding, Munich, Germany) is the first conference which combines research and ideas and network with scientists from food industry and academia. The focus is on food authenticity and traceability, food quality...

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Dr. Nadine Peez – Study Director

 Today, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Dr. Nadine Peez, and I am a new study director at Spectral Service since July 2021. Before I worked at Spectral Service I studied Chemistry at the Johannes-Gutenberg University in Mainz and did my doctoral thesis at...


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